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Our experience from working with innovative digital businesses has equipped us with the modern methods, skills and mind-set required to grow your business.

a Strategy for Growth

Companies are constantly seeking to expand their business and the ways to do that are abundant. A strategy is needed to give the organisation focus and allocate the scarce resources to the most valuable opportunities.

We support you in creating a solid growth strategy that outlines the key opportunities accompanied with a plan to make it happen. Often, there are no shortcuts to crunching data, extracting customer insights or researching the market. Instead of trying to analyse everything, it is typically smarter to focus on validating the key hypotheses. This allows us to get concrete results fast, without compromising the rigour of the analysis.

Examples of questions we typically answer

  • What are our key opportunities for pursuing growth?
  • Which opportunities have the greatest potential for us?
  • What kinds of investments would be required?
  • Which initiatives should we prioritise?
  • What kind of a roadmap, targets and KPIs are needed to execute our plans?

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Accelerate Existing Business

Improving business performance is always on the management's agenda. Two challenges remain the greatest: which actions bring the greatest business impact and how to make sure we execute those actions successfully.

We help you evaluate and prioritise development actions based on their business impact. We also want to ensure that the expected benefits are realised. Working side by side as a part of your team allows us to bring in the specialised skills and accelerate the development.

Examples of questions we typically answer

  • Where is the greatest potential for our business to grow?
  • What creates value for our customers?
  • Which segments/products/channels to focus on?
  • What needs to happen to reap the expected benefits?
  • What tells us whether we have succeeded?

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New Business

Few businesses can survive and grow in the long term without building new revenue streams to replace or complement current ones. Such initiatives are typically characterised by high uncertainty. Ensuring these initiatives bring business impact requires the right methods in development.

We support you in building a new service from the idea to scaling it – bringing in our partners when needed. We help you create concepts with solid business models, evaluate their potential and justify the investments to receive funding. Importantly, we are used to adapting to fast and iterative development cycles aimed at getting products to the market quickly.

Examples of questions we typically answer

  • What is the core business model of our concept?
  • How do we validate our business model?
  • How do we justify the investments required?
  • How do we measure success?

Project deliverables

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We belong to a network of extraordinary talent. When needed, we can bring in experts in design, sales and marketing into the project. We enjoy working in cross-functional teams where handovers between people are seamless and often virtual.